Creating a Campaign

Setting up the education area

If you want to collect the education history of the candidates, then you will want to leave this area enabled and determine how much of this information you want to collect. You can customize as much or as little as you want, and help your applicants to give you exactly what you need.

Setting up the Employment History

Customize the employment history area of Preburner by asking specific questions about past jobs. Make it simple, or make it more in-depth… it’s entirely up to you.

Learn How to Create a Campaign

See how to use all of the aspects of the Campaign Builder. From the Campaign Wizard all the way to how the follow-up builder interacts with the campaign area.

Creating a new campaign

First, let’s define what a campaign is: A “Campaign” is the process that you will ask applicants to follow in order to apply for a job. A campaign will have a lot of specific things that make it unique, but every campaign will have these things: A specific button / page that candidates can visit/click […]

Creating your campaign introduction

When you go into your campaign to edit, you can introduce your applicants to the process that is about to begin. In the introduction area you will be able to rename the campaign and also record an introduction video or type an introduction to what they are going to experience as they work though the […]

How the campaign is organized

When editing a campaign, it is important to know that the menubar circled below is how everything is organized. The menu bar is chronologically ordered in how your applicants will go through the submission of a campaign, and then there are settings for you to control administrative options. As you click each item in the campaign […]

Creating a video in a campaign

Once you have decided that you want to utilize a video in Preburner for one of the campaign steps, you will be taken to a screen like this: There will be 2 tabs, one for a video recording option, and the other for a typed option. If you have selected the tab for video recording, […]

Disabling a section of your campaign

If there is a section of Preburner that you don’t want to ask candidates about, you can hover over the checkmark in the menubar like this:   When you click on this, you will no longer be able to edit the section, nor will a candidate see anything about that area.

Setting up the General Information area

When a candidate begins filling out the Preburner form, one of the areas that they must work through is the general information. Preburner allows you to have lots of customization options, but the areas used by Preburner in the top section are “Inputs used by the applicant profile”. What this means is that you are […]

A custom input customization example:

Let’s say that you want to make a custom input to have people tell you about their dream car, so you go down into the custom items and select a custom input. When you select that, Preburner will make the first input in the section a block called “New Input Block”, so click on the […]