Let’s say that you want to make a custom input to have people tell you about their dream car, so you go down into the custom items and select a custom input.


When you select that, Preburner will make the first input in the section a block called “New Input Block”, so click on the edit corner of that.


When you click that, a lightbox will open and you can let the magic begin:


For this input, the first thing I want to do is name it “Dream Car”. Then I want to make sure the input takes up the whole width, so I will change the input block to be 100% width.

Then I want to have 3 actual inputs. I want one for “Make” one for “Model” and one for “Year”. So I click the “Add Input” option to add 2 more text inputs. Then I name them accordingly and how much of the row I want each one to take up. Like this:


Once I have added everything the way I want it. I need to make sure I check the box for all the items that I want to require, and then save it.


Now that I have my really cool custom field, I can drag it where ever I want it to show by hovering over until I get the 4 arrow mouse tip and then dragging it to the spot I like best. Save your changes and you’ll be all set.