Once you have decided that you want to utilize a video in Preburner for one of the campaign steps, you will be taken to a screen like this:


There will be 2 tabs, one for a video recording option, and the other for a typed option. If you have selected the tab for video recording, you will see a clack square telling you that you can click to record. You will be limited to 2 minutes of record time, and you will need a webcam and a microphone for your computer to be able to send the video up to the Preburner server.

Ninja trick: you will be able to see yourself as you are recording, but for best results have your mouse positioned over the recording area before you start so that when you are done you can just click the video to stop the recording and look at the camera, not at yourself so that it looks more like you are making eye contact with the viewer.

If you are having difficulty connecting to the flash player, click in the upper right corner on the settings “gear” icon so that you can make sure that your webcam and microphone are selected and you have given permission to flash to use your webcam. This is important because Preburner will never access a webcam for you or your applicants unless permission has been granted.