When editing a campaign, it is important to know that the menubar circled below is how everything is organized.


The menu bar is chronologically ordered in how your applicants will go through the submission of a campaign, and then there are settings for you to control administrative options. As you click each item in the campaign menubar, you will see that you are taken to the portion that builds that frame of the application.

Certain items in the menu bar will allow you to “uncheck” the black circle (showing next to introduction in the picture above) which will effectively disable that section. The applicant will never see anything from that portion of the campaign.

Everything from “Introduction” down to “Employment History” will be the part of the application that is considered the general part of Preburner. This is all stuff that would normally show up in any job application, and you can have a lot of control over customizing those fields, and how much you want to ask about. You can learn more about each area in future documents.

Question #1 and “Add a question” are the part of Preburner that will allow you to add as many “interview type questions” as you’d like. This is where the most unique part of the Preburner experience lies. We will discuss this further down below.

As you click around on the different items in the menubar you are effectively seeing every part of the application process.