When a candidate begins filling out the Preburner form, one of the areas that they must work through is the general information. Preburner allows you to have lots of customization options, but the areas used by Preburner in the top section are “Inputs used by the applicant profile”.

What this means is that you are free to customize the labels of each input, but Preburner will still be using the input for specific areas of the applicant profile, so you don’t want to change the meaning of the inputs.

An example:

In this example, we want preburner to put some placeholder text inside of the First Name input and show that the field is required. So first you hover over the input and click on the pencil:


When you click on the pencil, the following lightbox opens up:


As you can see, there are 4 things to customize in the lightbox for each field.

  1. This top box lets you customize the text that will be above the input.
  2. This dropdown to the right let’s you determine how much of the row will be cleared out for the input. This will make more sense in another example.
  3. This text box lets you do 2 things: You can input whatever text you want to be greyed out text in the field before anything is entered into it. And the checkbox is what tells Preburner if it is a required field or not. It will be up to you to determine how you want to convey to the applicant that the field is required, but you can do with an asterisk in field #1 or maybe just say it with the greyed out text right here if you wish.
  4. This tells Preburner how much of the allotted space determined with the dropdown above you want this input to use. Because the example field here is not quite as customizable as the actual custom fields, this will make more sense in the example below.

Once you have this all set, it might look like this:


Once you click save, here is what it would return:


Notice how the field has been totally customized to look how I want it, using the fields above.

An incredibly important note about this:

You will notice that the fields like name and phone numbers, etc. are titled “Inputs used by the applicant profile.” These fields do allow for some customization but don’t go crazy here because of a couple really important things:

  • These fields are mapped to specific place that will be used by the customer profile and won’t make sense later if you change their meaning. Example: If you change first name to phone number, and last name to favorite color, Preburner will start listing applicants with names like “123-456-7890 Blue” which is of course not their name, but Preburner is still using the fields that way.
  • They will eventually be validated specifically for what their intended use isExample: if you change the email field to be a phone number, applicants will be frustrated when they try to submit and Preburner tells them that their phone number doesn’t look valid.