This is a really critical part of ResponsiBid to get setup because it does so much for you in the background. Most reports that ResponsiBid builds will incorporate in some way how much work your different lead sources are bringing you.

So, go to Settings > Form Builder and then to the Lead Generation menu


You will see that we give you some suggestions on the side, but ultimately you will want to click the “+ Add New Option” button and add as many places that your leads come from as possible so that when you are filling out a bid, every scenario can be chosen– and therefore measured by ResponsiBid.

Although you may forget some, you can always come back here and add more at any point without any problem. You won’t have to re-update anything on your website or anything like that. ResponsiBid takes care of that for you instantly.

ResponsiBid requires EVERY bid (even Call Screen ones) to have a lead source so you will get some amazing reports by keeping this area thoroughly up-to-date.