Google Calendar Integration

Connecting and Disconnecting Your Google Calendar

In this video we show you all the steps to authenticating (connecting) and authenticating (disconnecting) your Google calendar to ResponsiBid. On you can do this process as it requires you to be logged in to both your ResponsiBid account and your Google account at the same time. Check out how simple it is!

Getting ServiceMonster Ready for CrewCal

Ok, so you need to connect your ServiceMonster calendar into CrewCal but you don’t know where to start… Well, here you go. Watch the video above to get your ServiceMonster Calendar into Google Calendar. ServiceMonster makes this beautifully nice. Connect Crew Cal to the iCal link of your Google Calendars that you have now created […]

Making the connection to Google Calendar

Learn how to use the brand new Google calendar integration to make your life way easier… and ResponsiBid even more powerful! Go to settings > Administrator Setup your time settings first: Make sure you set your company time zone correctly. If you don’t it will mess up virtually everything in your account that deals with […]