Creating a Bid

Insert images in the Smartform

If you would like to add an image to a service on the smart form; Navigate to Settings > Services Click on the submodule you are looking to add an image to and go to “step 2” where you can edit questions and factor types Find the Image icon that contains the popover description for […]

How does ResponsiBid track using Google Analytics?

  :50 What is google analytics 1:04 How tracking works in basic Lead Forms 3:40 How tracking works in RepsonsiBid Smart Form   For a step by step article on how to implement Responsibid form tracking using google analytics go here!  

Giving quote In-person or Over the Phone

How to use the Call Screen to give a quote in person or over the phone Select the desired services Answering the “Property Details” questions – How’d you hear about us, Home Sqft, Stories, Basement (Search form builder to go into detail about these questions) “Specification” – For getting a price based upon the questions […]

Re-sending the Quote to the Customer

If you wanted to manually send the customer a link to their proposal: Open up the customer you’re talking to Click on the bid date next to the proposal date (or last recalculation) Click on the “client proposal link” Copy the URL from the url bar in your browser to send to the customer If […]

HCP Giving a Bid (3:19)

You can give quotes from any place in ResponsiBid that you want, but the connection requires that the quote originates in ResponsiBid. You can view in Housecall Pro the customers’ information, but not see the quote until it is scheduled -HCP does not process the package quotes Customer information updates do not 2-way sync at […]

Using ResponsiBid if your website won’t allow you to install it directly

Sometimes a website builder is not going to allow HTML embeds… or javascript to install. But that’s OK! You can just make your “instant quote” button link directly to your ResponsiBid smartform. You can follow the instructions in this video to grab the actual page your ResponsiBid form is sourced from and take visitors there […]

Extra Email and Phone Validation

In this video you will see how ResponsiBid can offer extra email and phone validation Turn the feature on in Settings > Form Builder > General Data Collection Make sure you hit save. ResponsiBid will make sure your web visitors phone number area code and prefix seem to be true. ResponsiBid will make sure that […]

Allow customers to upload images from their proposal

In this video you will be able to see how to allow your customers to upload their own high-quality images into your ResponsiBid proposals! See how to turn on the functionality for the advanced image uploads (allow ResponsiBid to hold full-quality, unlimited images for your bids) at Settings > Company Profile > Billing Then turn […]

Customer Specific Videos, Optional Signature, and Availability Dates

With the new proposal layout, we have rolled out 3 new updates that will help you to utilize the power of the new proposal format. If you don’t want to force customers to sign the proposal in order to go pending, you don’t have to. The video shows how you can go about turning that […]