Pricing Setup

Proposal Scenario Controls

In this video you will be able to see: What you can do if you want a customer to be able to not confirm a bid without selecting any packages. How you can edit the labels for the scenario you like best. How to show or hide packages that are bid in the “bid in […]

New Carousel Hinting

What do you think of the recent changes to the Package Carousel for customers to notice the other packages?

Customer Specific Videos, Optional Signature, and Availability Dates

With the new proposal layout, we have rolled out 3 new updates that will help you to utilize the power of the new proposal format. If you don’t want to force customers to sign the proposal in order to go pending, you don’t have to. The video shows how you can go about turning that […]

New Proposal Format

It’s here and it’s ready! Check out the video to see the following: The new layout with a card view of each package The new “additional information” area The way to navigate the proposal in it’s 3 new areas: Quote, Confirm, Schedule How a customer digitally signs their quote How a customer can see public […]

Auto-Upsell Your Customers using the Upsell feature in ResponsiBid

Have you wished that every person who gets any sort of a bid from you would be automatically upsold a service that you could easily add to every proposal? Now you can with the upsell feature inside of ResponsiBid. The video above walks you through a few things: Turning a module on to automatically sell […]

Learn how to use the package editor in ResponsiBid

The new package editor allows you lots of flexibility. In this video you will see: How you can add up to 5 package options to a service How you can rename the packages How you can edit the line items How you can remove or add certain items to or from packages

Using the Actual Square Footage Option

If you’d like customers or yourself to have the option to enter in the exact square footage of building sizes, you can turn that feature on, but there are several places you’ll need to go to get it fully working: 1. You’ll need to first enable the functionality in your form builder You can enable […]

How to add a suffix to a ResponsiBid price

Have you ever wished that a price in ResponsiBid would not only show the price, but also add something to the end of the price to give context? For example: $54 /week In this video we show you how you can use the suffix builder to make a price calculate based off a large amount […]

How to allow commercial quotes from your website

In this video we show you the settings and things to pay attention to in your modules if you’d like to allow for commercial quotes to be allowed to be given via your website. ResponsiBid will allow you to set modules up so that you can limit quotes from being given to either residential customers […]

Building Out The Window Tinting – One Film Module

How to setup the Window Tinting – One Film module Start at Settings > Services to access your active & inactive modules. Find the “Window Tinting” service, and then the “Window Tinting” module. It may be active or inactive, but by clicking on the name of the module next to the green “+” button, you will […]