Customer Profile

New customer profile and bid page

The new customer profile was created with updated code and server changes. This change was necessary for the profile to withstand new feature releases. What you will also find is a new  interface! This interface was created for smoother navigation through the customer profile, and a clearly defined separation between the profile level of your […]

How to Blacklist a Customer or Block an ip address

In this video we show you how to blacklist a customer (Stop them from getting a quote) Hard blacklist vs soft blacklist Blacklist by Name, Email or IP address Tip: Blocking the name : “test”

Navigating a Customer Profile

This is an overview of the Customer Profile, in this video you will find the following How to find a Customer’s Profile :20 Changing Customer Information :50 How to view an Original Bid vs the Last Recalculation 1:07 Has a Customer opted in or out of text/email 1:42 Manually changing the status of a customer […]