Insert images in the Smartform

If you would like to add an image to a service on the smart form; Navigate to Settings > Services Click on the submodule you are looking to add an image to and go to “step 2” where you can edit questions and factor types Find the Image icon that contains the popover description for […]

How does ResponsiBid track using Google Analytics?

  :50 What is google analytics 1:04 How tracking works in basic Lead Forms 3:40 How tracking works in RepsonsiBid Smart Form   For a step by step article on how to implement Responsibid form tracking using google analytics go here!  

Using ResponsiBid if your website won’t allow you to install it directly

Sometimes a website builder is not going to allow HTML embeds… or javascript to install. But that’s OK! You can just make your “instant quote” button link directly to your ResponsiBid smartform. You can follow the instructions in this video to grab the actual page your ResponsiBid form is sourced from and take visitors there […]

How to make house size, stories, or basement required or not

In this video we demonstrate how to give a quote but not necessarily have to enter in certain pieces of information regarding the structure if the quote doesn’t need it to calculate the bid. Keep in mind that even though the video doesn’t cover this… the call screen is ALWAYS set to always ask for […]

Testing the Smart Form

The smart form is available to all users. Deluxe and Premium customers have more customization options, but this is the form that is the backbone of what ResponsiBid can do. The Smart Form is excellent because it allows the employee or customer (if you install it on your website) to convert specifications about a job […]

Call Screen vs. LightBox vs. Smart Form

In a nutshell here are the main differences between the Call Screen, LightBox, and Smart Form Call Screen The Call Screen is an admin only tool. Your customers can’t access it and it allows for flexibility intended only for internal use. Some things you can do in the call screen that neither the LightBox nor the […]