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Webinar: How to Use the Daily Digest to the fullest

See our webinar on how the daily digest works, why you want to use it, and the best practices on making it work for your company. We outline: How to make sure you are getting the daily digest email How to access the live version in ResponsiBid Some of the neat things you can click […]

Exporting ResponsiBid contacts

Simply go to Settings > Contacts and scroll to the bottom. There is an accordion called “Export Contacts”. Simply open that accordion up and choose what information you’d like to export. It will automatically download a .csv file for you to do with as you wish.

Explicit Opt-in

This is determined every time a bid is run from your website or submitted through the call screen. If you have this feature turned on (Settings > Follow-up Builder – Bottom of the page) you and the customer will be prompted before submitting any bid through the website or call screen to answer if it’s […]

Editing what things are called in the smart form and lightbox and proposal

f you are trying to change the terminology with something in the smart form or lightbox or proposal, you are probably just needing to access the edit labels area. To do this, go to the sidebar of your admin area and click “Use Smart Form”. The accordion bar above the smart form has a button […]

Form Builder: Setting up Google Analytics

NOTE: We are discouraging users from using this method in favor of the new method here. Go to: Settings > Form Builder, then the Google Analytics accordion If you’d like Google analytics to track your goals and page loads of your embedded “Smart Form”, “Lightbox” and “Proposal”. Simply enter your Tracking ID from Google into the […]

Form Builder: Leadsources

This is a really critical part of ResponsiBid to get setup because it does so much for you in the background. Most reports that ResponsiBid builds will incorporate in some way how much work your different lead sources are bringing you. So, go to Settings > Form Builder and then to the Lead Generation menu […]

Form Builder: Setting up service areas

You are going to need to tell ResponsiBid what cities you service. By default ResponsiBid has the city City, State (example) but you will need to load in your own. Ninja Tip: Make sure that if you decide to enter in city and states (or provinces) in manually that you always use [City Name][comma][space][State or […]

Form Builder: House size information

When you first sign into ResponsiBid and begin setting up your account, you will need to make a few decisions on how you want ResponsiBid to call things, or how to ask certain questions. One thing that is really important for ResponsiBid is to know how you’d like to ask people about their house sizes. […]

Form Builder: General Info

Collecting General Data This is where you tell ResponsiBid what information you want to make available for the customer to enter. You can also require some information. Note: You cannot require a piece of information that you are not requesting. If you save it, it will look like it saved that way, but when you refresh the […]