Learn how to take a deposit when a customer schedules a job using CrewCal

When your customer is scheduling themselves using CrewCal, you want to make sure that they are serious about taking your calendar space. Well, here is how you can do just that. In this video you will see: Once you have an active CrewCal account, you will see that the PayPal connection (or deposit connection) becomes […]

Using the Infusionsoft Connection

If you are looking to connect ResponsiBid with Infusionsoft, be sure to check out this video to learn: How to make the connection with Infusionsoft’s API key How to make a few custom fields in Infusionsoft to allow your ResponsiBid bids to be stored in Infusionsoft How to auto import customers and bids into Infusinosoft […]

Getting Service Monster Ready for CrewCal

Ok, so you need to connect your Service Monster calendar into CrewCal but you don’t know where to start… Well, here you go. Watch the video above to get your Service Monster Calendar into Google Calendar. Service Monster makes this beautifully nice. Connect Crew Cal to the iCal link of your Google Calendars that you […]

CrewCal Ninja Tricks

This video will help you a few things: The relationship of CrewCal to your actual calendar (just reads it… not actually being your calendar) The relationship of CrewCal to your ResponsiBid account (gives the date/time/duration/crew back to ResponsiBid) How to allow for recurring appointments (must be done inside your scheduling software) How to block off […]

CrewCal Setup for Read-Only situations

In some circumstances it will make sense for CrewCal to read a calendar that you’re going to have to manually enter in the details for after it’s scheduled. For example: In HouseCall Pro you cannot have a 3rd party enter in workorder information (yet… maybe someday?) or schedule jobs from outside of their software. You […]

SendJim Connection Setup for ResponsiBid

We hope you love the SendJim Connection for ResponsiBid! This connection will allow you to use your SendJim account to do 2 things: Send direct mail as part of your ResponsiBid follow-up to your customers Send direct mail as part of your ResponsiBid follow-up to your customers’ neighbors Watch the video above to make sure […]

CrewCal Integration Setup

This video walks you through the process of setting up your CrewCal integration with ResponsiBid. Notes: Turning on the connection Importance of having a connection to your scheduling software turned on (CrewCal reads your schedule, your connection to the software is what writes to the schedule) Understanding your CrewCal settings Each “crew” comes in from […]

Webinar: Killer Follow-up Strategies

4/28/16: In this webinar we cover some best practices: Setting up email users/senders How to receive SMS messages from ResponsiBid as a user The 3 things you can do with each follow-up step Manually opting people in/out of follow-up Reconfiguring a scheduled job (restarting follow-up or not) Stopping follow-up for a customer Manually editing follow-up […]

Setting up your email servers (Gmail Integration)

NOTE: As of 2014, emails sent to AOL or Yahoo are more than likely being blocked if they are sent on your behalf. This is how ResponsiBid sends emails by default. By following this guide to use your own email servers you will be far more likely to be able to deliver to this addresses […]

Setting up a connection to Zapier

Learn how to use Zapier to connect with any application Zapier offers. In this video you will see the exact step-by-step recipe we used to connect to QuickBooks Online.