The package builder allows you to create packages based on value propositions. This is a really critical part to get setup before you delve into pricing. You and ResponsiBid need to get on the same page about how you intend to present your service packages to your customer.

For example:

If you are a carpet cleaner… you know the best way to get a job is to offer a good service at one price, a better service at another price, and your top-quality (majorly differentiating) service at the most expensive price. It might look like this:

  • Good: Hot water extraction of carpet. Nothing more or less. Just the basic stuff.
  • Better: The hot water extraction, PLUS spot treatment for high traffic areas.
  • Best: This is cleaning with no-holds barred, plus carpet protection.

If you present your proposal this way, you sell the capabilities of your company and are far more likely to close the deal (for a wide variety of reasons, but we won’t get into that here… just know that it works way better!) So it’s really important to spell out to ResponsiBid before you get into the pricing area how you are going to differentiate your packages. It’s also an important exercise for the company to lay this out so that when you do get into the pricing area you understand how ResponsiBid will be calculating the prices.

A few tips:

  1. People tend to gravitate toward the middle package… make sure you are happy with that one for sell the most, and make sure your high priced package shows your expertness as much as possible so that the value is obvious.
  2. Allow the packages to upsell. Speak in terms that your customers will understand… and allow the upsells to illustrate the pain that you will be relieving with the extra service.
  3. The example above is just that. An example. Let yourself be creative and cater to what makes your company interesting.
  4. You can disable packages in this area if you want to (we believe in flexibility!) but we know from experience that your close rate will be dramatically higher if you can figure out a way to make 3 options work for your main services.