If you look in the top of the “Services Requested” area of the customer profile you will notice the top line says “Bid Date:” and then a date that is a link you can click to see their original proposal generated by ResponsiBid.


As we all know bids sometimes need to be changed, so if you are a Deluxe or Premium user, you know that you can edit, adjust, or add to a bid in a totally seamless way using the “Call Screen” or “Add Services” buttons.

If you do this, you will see that a new line appears underneath the Bid Date, called “Last Recalculation:” and another clickable date. If this “Last Recalculation” line shows up, that means that there has been something edited at some point, so ResponsiBid updated the proposal.

What you need to know:

If you are using the follow-up builder to send automated emails to your customers where you included a link to the proposal, ResponsiBid is smart enough to only allow that link to take them to the most current version of their proposal. There is never an attachment like a PDF to the customer that will allow them to hang on to a bid that might some day be a bad bid. So by using this technology, if your customer hangs on to an old bid, it won’t matter that you’ve updated it, they will only have access to the current bid.

Also, remember that ResponsiBid doesn’t keep ALL bids on file. You will always be able to see the original bid (as a frame of reference), but if you change a bid from the original, you’ll always have access to that, and if you’ve changed specifications on a bid, ResponsiBid will show you that in the specifications area down in the module accordions too.