Go to: Settings > Administrator

When you get into your ResponsiBid account for the first time you will notice that some of your information is already there. Just take a look around and make sure everything is right.

Be sure to set your time zone. This will be important for the follow-up features, but there are several other reasons too. If you decide to turn on the Google Calendar integration it will be paramount!

Take a look at the scheduling defaults and make things easy on yourself when booking jobs by narrowing down what times will be available when setting times for the job and how wide of time intervals you’d like to have.

If you decide to turn off Internet Explorer warnings to people using it, they will not be warned to try using your website’s bidding feature with a modern browser. That said– ResponsiBid’s admin area is not supported in any version of Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Also, if the person browsing your website wants to use your bidding software using Internet Explorer using version 8 or below, they will get a warning because those versions of IE are so lame that they just can’t handle the power of ResponsiBid and we want to make sure they know that they may not get a good result.

You can also turn off the feature that asks people submitting bids if you can contact them using email. Canadians are mandated to use this feature… and it’s good practice for everyone, but this is where you could turn it off if you wanted to.

If you are connecting to a product that requests your ResponsiBid API key… this is where you will find it.

And if you decide that you’d like the ability to send postcards to your ResponsiBid contacts, you’ll need to create your account here at the bottom of the page and buy a few credits so that you can start mailing really awesome cards really quick. This service is not provided by ResponsiBid or Symphosize, but we created the integration because we know that it is a powerful tool in communicating. Each credit includes the cost of printing and mailing the postcards. If you run into any trouble using this feature, be sure to email support@streetbidder.com

Remember that if you are using the regular Streetbidder service, your normal Streetbidder credits are not the same as this ResponsiBid service.