Ninja Tricks

Auto Populating a Form Within the Proposal

There are sometimes scenarios where you’d like to collect further information within a proposal (or even a deposit!) but don’t want your customer to have to re-enter information that was previously given. Well, this is your help article if you’d like to do that! First, you need to build out a form to embed into […]

Webhooks for leads into ResponsiBid

To create a webhook: Go to Settings > Installation > Webhook Leads Click green button “Create API Key” Name it, describe the use for it, and set an expiration if you don’t want it to work forever… otherwise leave the date as it is. Save changes Copy the API Token in the blue field and […]

Re-sending the Quote to the Customer

If you wanted to manually send the customer a link to their proposal: Open up the customer you’re talking to Click on the bid date next to the proposal date (or last recalculation) Click on the “client proposal link” Copy the URL from the url bar in your browser to send to the customer If […]

Housecall Pro Connection Overview

If you are considering connecting ResponsiBid and Housecall Pro you will see that ResponsiBid’s powerful and intelligent selling automation has a great integration into Housecall Pro’s powerful CRM functionality. Together, HCP and ResponsiBid help to automate and improve your sales systems. Read below for all of the help articles to see how each feature would […]

Changing out the shortened URL links

If your emails keep finding their way to your customer’s spam folder there’s a good chance that something about your emails is triggering getting marked as spam. Here are a few examples of reasons that could be getting your emails marked as spam: If more than 3 out of every 1,000 emails is being marked […]

Using the 2-way SMS and texting features

In this video you will see: How the messages show up in the feed. What happens if someone calls your SMS number (FORWARDING Now must follow this method in Twilio). How to send messages & why you have to select the “to” number. How you can send picture messages (MMS) How notifications will go to […]

Using ResponsiBid if your website won’t allow you to install it directly

Sometimes a website builder is not going to allow HTML embeds… or javascript to install. But that’s OK! You can just make your “instant quote” button link directly to your ResponsiBid smartform. You can follow the instructions in this video to grab the actual page your ResponsiBid form is sourced from and take visitors there […]

Rare Chrome Bug

Sometimes it is reported that in certain instances the dropdown menus of the smartform or lightbox appear to be blank when installed on certain websites. Here’s some of the most common threads of this misbehavior: It appears to only happen in the chrome browser It appears to only happen in scenarios with more than one […]

Advanced Code Injection with Webhooks

Code injection into ResponsiBid is already possible, and you can learn more about the basic things you can do such as CSS, HTML, and even JavaScript changes here. It’s advanced and for those who have the knowledge to do such a thing, you can do really specific changes. But now there’s more. ResponsiBid has several […]

Advanced Google Analytics Tracking

You can now track specific events while customers are filling out the ResponsiBid form for the purposes of straight Google Analytics, as well as for tracking your Google AdWords conversions. The events that can be tracked in Google Analytics: When a bid form loads up When a bid is begun (either Lightbox or Smartform) When […]