Twilio Campaign Registry

If you are using Twilio for sending SMS messages, you may have received an email regarding the need to register your Twilio Campaigns. This process applies to any Twilio user that is sending fewer than 3000 messages per day and use 5 or fewer phone numbers.  By registering your campaigns you will avoid the new […]

Re-sending the Quote to the Customer

If you wanted to manually send the customer a link to their proposal: Open up the customer you’re talking to Click on the bid date next to the proposal date (or last recalculation) Click on the “client proposal link” Copy the URL from the url bar in your browser to send to the customer If […]

HCP Follow-Up Strategies (4:10)

Be sure to not double up on follow-up from 2 systems that accomplish the same thing Use ResponsiBid follow-up to sell, and HCP follow-up to for operations The more consistent the better

Changing out the shortened URL links

If your emails keep finding their way to your customer’s spam folder there’s a good chance that something about your emails is triggering getting marked as spam. Here are a few examples of reasons that could be getting your emails marked as spam: If more than 3 out of every 1,000 emails is being marked […]

Using the 2-way SMS and texting features

In this video you will see: How the messages show up in the feed. What happens if someone calls your SMS number (FORWARDING Now must follow this method in Twilio). How to send messages & why you have to select the “to” number. How you can send picture messages (MMS) How notifications will go to […]

Extra Email and Phone Validation

In this video you will see how ResponsiBid can offer extra email and phone validation Turn the feature on in Settings > Form Builder > General Data Collection Make sure you hit save. ResponsiBid will make sure your web visitors phone number area code and prefix seem to be true. ResponsiBid will make sure that […]

Quality Driven Connection to ResponsiBid

Here’s what you need to know to use the QDS connection to ResponsiBid: Make sure you have some sort of calendars connected to ResponsiBid Turn on the connection in ResponsiBid’s connection area Attach your QDS employees to the available calendars in ResponsiBid In the follow-up builder – put a survey step in your Scheduled status […]

Setting up a Jill’s Office user in your ResponsiBid Account

When you are setting up the user in your ResponsiBid account for Jill’s Office, you will want to follow the instructions in this video. Setup a new user in your account with an email address that YOUR COMPANY CONTROLS. Make sure you turn on the permissions in the Jill’s Office user necessary for Jill’s Office […]

SendJim Connection Setup for ResponsiBid

We hope you love the SendJim Connection for ResponsiBid! This connection will allow you to use your SendJim account to do 2 things: Send direct mail as part of your ResponsiBid follow-up to your customers Send direct mail as part of your ResponsiBid follow-up to your customers’ neighbors Watch the video above to make sure […]

Using Videos in your Bids and Proposals

There are 4 types of videos you can integrate in your Sales Process. Below you can see the purpose of each video and where to install it! If you have trouble with installation, find tips and frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.   “Introductory Sales Video”  (Here’s a sample script and video […]