Company Setup

Master Class #6

VIDEO INTEGRATION: SELLING FACE TO FACE, EVEN WHEN YOU CAN’T Using Video Integration To Help You Achieve Maximum Transparency And Customer Connection In Your Sales Process. In this video: Guided Proposals: Make videos that guide the customer through the quoting process. You will be helping them to get to know about your company and your […]

Master Class #5

TRACKING LEAD SOURCES & CLOSE RATES: SPENDING AD MONEY RIGHT What Changes You Could Be Making To Your Proposals to Increase Your Close Rates. In this video: Identify Profitable Marketing Channels: When you’re working with a fixed marketing budget, it’s essential to allocate those dollars to the most profitable channels to meet or exceed your […]

Master Class #4

PROFITABILITY REGARDLESS OF DISTANCE: MAXIMIZING PROFITS WITH PRICING MINIMUMS How to avoid the headaches of the bidding wars that can leave you empty handed. In this video: Area and House Based Minimums: A powerful way to make sure that you always give a bid that you can honor. With all the factors that go into […]

Master Class #3

USING A SYSTEM THAT MAKES YOU A FOLLOW-UP NINJA Orchestrate Perfect Follow-Up In Any Way You Want So That You Never Lose A Prospect Or Repeat Customer Due To Lack Of Communication. In this video: Design Custom Drip Campaigns: Build out your follow-up for any scenario you can imagine. ResponsiBid gives you the ability to […]

Master Class #2

INTELLIGENT SCHEDULING: MAKING SOMETHING THAT’S HARD, EASY. Close The Deal By Getting A Potential Client On The Schedule In The Most Efficient Spot Possible. In this video: Enable Intelligent Scheduling: To set this up go into Settings > Crew Cal and then you can connect your calendars and teach ResponsiBid how fast each crew works, […]

Master Class #1

SETTING UP SERVICES WITH PACKAGES & VALUE PROPOSITIONS  Why they really can’t get a quote anything like yours from another company because of the VALUE that you offer. In this video: You can increase your average ticket prices by using packages. Converting your estimates from “price based” proposals to “value based” proposals will increase your […]

Master Class #7

IN-PERSON SELLING VS WEBSITE SELLING: MEETING THE NEEDS OF TODAY’S BUYERS  Allowing Your Customers To Buy From You The Way That They Feel Comfortable, You Will Be Providing An Experience That Is Both Modern, And Flexible For The Quickly Changing Ways Of Doing Business. In this video: Hunter explains how customers are used to buying […]

Welcome to the ResponsiBid Master Class

CONGRATULATIONS! ENJOY RESPONSIBID MASTERCLASS!  Now that you have a free trial, learn how we are committed to help you make lots more money. In this video: Curt explains what ResponsiBid is intended to do for your business How it makes buying easy for customers How to not trap your customers into one price Follow-up with […]

Adding images to proposals and pdf’s

In this article you will see how to include images within your proposals for all bids as well as specific to customers: See where images show up in the proposal See how to include images for all proposals (Settings > Company Profile > Proposal Tabs) See how to reorder your images in the proposal See […]

Quality Driven Connection to ResponsiBid

Here’s what you need to know to use the QDS connection to ResponsiBid: Make sure you have some sort of calendars connected to ResponsiBid Turn on the connection in ResponsiBid’s connection area Attach your QDS employees to the available calendars in ResponsiBid In the follow-up builder – put a survey step in your Scheduled status […]