Company Setup

Custom Services, Public, Private and Inactive Filters

Inside of your ResponsiBid account there is a feature called Custom Services.  This is a feature that took our long standing capability of adding a custom item to a proposal, but expanded that functionality in a major way.  You are now able to create a full Custom Service and make it public so your customers […]

Webhooks for leads into ResponsiBid

To create a webhook: Go to Settings > Installation > Webhook Leads Click green button “Create API Key” Name it, describe the use for it, and set an expiration if you don’t want it to work forever… otherwise leave the date as it is. Save changes Copy the API Token in the blue field and […]

Forwarding voice calls to your Twilio SMS number

This is the new way to forward voice calls using the Twilio <-> ResponsiBid connection. Use this to setup a function for a TwiML response to forward the call. Code to copy: <Response><Dial>+1##########</Dial></Response>  

Building your own custom lightbox buttons

In this video you will see how to allow your creativity to make the ResponsiBid lightbox feature with your own button design. The main points are: Your website MUST allow you to install HTML or Javascript. If the website type you have doesn’t allow this functionality you may need to reach out to them to […]

Housecall Pro Connection Overview

If you are considering connecting ResponsiBid and Housecall Pro you will see that ResponsiBid’s powerful and intelligent selling automation has a great integration into Housecall Pro’s powerful CRM functionality. Together, HCP and ResponsiBid help to automate and improve your sales systems. Read below for all of the help articles to see how each feature would […]

Housecall Pro CrewCal setup (5:10)

Turn on the Google calendar app in HCP Use that connection to get the secret key for CrewCal Make sure to use the advanced features to split the big google calendar into individual calendars for CrewCal

HCP Follow-Up Strategies (4:10)

Be sure to not double up on follow-up from 2 systems that accomplish the same thing Use ResponsiBid follow-up to sell, and HCP follow-up to for operations The more consistent the better

HCP Scheduling a Job (5:22)

When the customer is ready, go to the profile and change the status to “Scheduled” and fill out the services they requested and the date/time going-use HCP Pro Once the job is saved in ResponsiBid, it is sent to HCP and the work order is visible there The job is now disconnected from any syncing […]

HCP Giving a Bid (3:19)

You can give quotes from any place in ResponsiBid that you want, but the connection requires that the quote originates in ResponsiBid. You can view in Housecall Pro the customers’ information, but not see the quote until it is scheduled -HCP does not process the package quotes Customer information updates do not 2-way sync at […]