This is a feature for Premium accounts only.

The lightbox is a nice way to install a button on every page that takes up very little space, but allows an actionable way for your customer to begin the quoting process. It’s nice because it doesn’t require you to reload pages or anything like that… it just darkens the page and allows the customer to go step by step through the bidding steps required to get to the bid in the “lit up area”.

If you want to collect the person’s “General Information” at the end of the specifications, be sure to go to: Settings > Form Builder and check the appropriate box in the “General Data Collection” accordion.

When you are ready to test, just go to the sidebar on the left side of your admin area and click on “Use Lightbox” menu item.

It will take you to a page that shows you the “Standard Button Installation”. You can simply click the button on that page to see exactly how the button would work on your website. This button uses the EXACT same code to install the button as you would use from the installation page to install on your website.