How to use the Call Screen to give a quote in person or over the phone

Select the desired services

Answering the “Property Details” questions – How’d you hear about us, Home Sqft, Stories, Basement (Search form builder to go into detail about these questions)

“Specification” – For getting a price based upon the questions in the form

“Price” – For placing an exact dollar amount to override the form

Opting in to Email and SMS (US Users do not have to ask the email opt in question, this can be shut off in Follow up builder)

“Get the Bid” –  Calculating the prices for the bid, Creating a Customer Profile and Placing the Customer in the Open status. (If it is an existing customer it will update their bid, but you will need to move them from closed to open, to resend)

“Anonymous bid” – Use anonymous Bid for customers who do not wish to give you contact information before receiving a dollar amount

“Visit for bid” – To schedule an in person visit (City must be selected and button is only compatible with Markate, Google and Customer Factor)