The new customer profile was created with updated code and server changes.

This change was necessary for the profile to withstand new feature releases.

What you will also find is a new  interface! This interface was created for smoother navigation through the customer profile, and a clearly defined separation between the profile level of your customer, and individual bids for that customer.

In this split you will see a reference between the “customer profile” and the “bid” ..

When in the dashboard, you have the choice to click a bid # or the name of the customer.

If the Bid # is clicked, you will be routed directly to the internal bid page for that customer

If the customer name is clicked, you will be routed to the profile level of that customer, where you can see different information for them such as, all of their bids on file, multiple properties, contacts, conversations etc.

All work flows and behaviors will remain the same!

Here is a list of the features additions you will find: