Your New Beta Features Explained in the Video

Navigating the bundle options:

  • The way that bundles layout to your customers
  • The way add on services layout and work
  • How package options work inside of a bundle proposal
  • How the “Ala Carte” section works
  • Manually adding a bundle

The bundle library:

  • Bundle Sets vs Bundles
  • Adding a bundle to the library
  • Customizing the bundles with names, descriptions, auto-suggestion, discounts, and services
  • Bundle discount strategies
  • Adding bundles
  • Reordering bundles
  • Reordering bundle sets
  • How to make sure the correct bundle sets are auto-selected

Using the library of templates inside of the customer profile

  • Auto selecting a bundle set
  • Seeing the new PDF layout (for package proposals)
  • How the QR code works from a proposal
  • The new sales rep worksheet PDF
  • Editing the items within a customer profile for a bundle without affecting the bundle library
  • Adding custom text to the worksheet PDF
  • Adding additional bundle to mix and match from the library
  • Changing a bundle library does not affect bundles created for customers from the library, and likewise editing a bundle at the customer level does not affect the bundle library templates.