In this video you will see how to allow your creativity to make the ResponsiBid lightbox feature with your own button design. The main points are:

  • Your website MUST allow you to install HTML or Javascript. If the website type you have doesn’t allow this functionality you may need to reach out to them to see how you can work around this limitation.
  • You must have the “step 1” code (which is the hidden code) installed on the page you want to use it on only once, but it MUST be present for the buttons to work. You can accomplish this by installing it once globally or just make sure you only put it on the page you are using it 1 time.
  • The button you design must have the “href” set as blank… ie. href=”” the way your editor allows you to work with the button will vary but essentially you are saying that the button links to nothing.
  • The class of the button must include the class “responsibid-lightbox-button”. You are free to use any other classes you want, but this class is what connects the button to the hidden code that allows the ResponsiBid magic to happen.

And that’s really it. If you do those things you can allow your creativity to make anything on your page launch the ResponsiBid lightbox!