To create a webhook:

  1. Go to Settings > Installation > Webhook Leads
  2. Click green button “Create API Key”
  3. Name it, describe the use for it, and set an expiration if you don’t want it to work forever… otherwise leave the date as it is.
  4. Save changes
  5. Copy the API Token in the blue field and save it – You will never be able to access it again.

To send a webhook:

  1. Build out a webform that you want to send leads to ResponsiBid.
  2. Add the functionality for it to post the form to a webhook. (Depending on how you build the form this functionality will differ from form builder to form builder)
  3. Send the webhook to: (if you are on the beta server, be sure to replace the word “bids” to “beta)
  4. SPECIAL NOTE about STATUSES. If you want to populate a status in the ResponsiBid customer profile, the status field must match EXACTLY (even case sensitive) to what the ResponsiBid API can accept for your statuses. This can be very beneficial (especially as a hidden field) so that you can kick off follow-up automation, but to get that status name exactly right you will want to verify your options by going to this link:¬†— Once you go there, you will be given the exact list of statuses that you can send to the status field to achieve your statues. Any status name other than as they appear on this page will result in the customer being in “no status”

To map the fields of a webhook:

  1. Submit a test form to the webhook
  2. Go back to “Settings > Installation > Webhook Leads”
  3. Click on the globe icon next in the actions area of the key you just made
  4. If your test submitted properly you will see your first item in the “log” of your webhook you received
  5. Look in the “rawRequest” area of the log. Now you can see all the names of each field that your form sent over. Note the exact name of the field names you want to map.
  6. Click back on “Webhook Leads”
  7. Click on the edit pencil button of the webhook you want to map.
  8. Click on the “+” icon of the “Map Fields” section at the bottom of the window
  9. Match the fields names from the “rawRequest” area to the corresponding ResponsiBid fields you want to match.