If your emails keep finding their way to your customer’s spam folder there’s a good chance that something about your emails is triggering getting marked as spam. Here are a few examples of reasons that could be getting your emails marked as spam:

  • If more than 3 out of every 1,000 emails is being marked by your customers as spam, then you have a reputation for being a spammer. Solution: stop sending emails with content or frequency that would be viewed by people as spam. It could be the words you’re using, the overall message, lots of use of color or weird fonts, or just plain too much email.
  • If you have images in your email, sometimes sending the same images over and over like automation or email signatures can be perceived by email providers as spam. Solution: remove images from your automated emails.
  • Your email links might be redirecting to other links. This is unfortunately, something that spammers do a lot, and it can hurt legitimate people too. Solution: Watch the above video and try using the un-shortened URL links to the proposal.

The steps to disable the shortened links are:

  • Go to settings > company profile
  • Navigate to the “Proposal Builder”
  • Scroll to the bottom and find the red box around the checkbox that says “Disable short-urls for SMS and Email (not recommended)”
  • Check that box on
  • Now test to see that the emails sent using the merge field for the proposal link are now delivering.

If that works for you, then you were able to find an issue that was causing your emails to go to spam! Great job!