Inside of your ResponsiBid account there is a feature called Custom Services.  This is a feature that took our long standing capability of adding a custom item to a proposal, but expanded that functionality in a major way.  You are now able to create a full Custom Service and make it public so your customers can choose it from your website just as they would any other service.  We also added the functionality of being able to make this Custom Service Public, Private or Inactive.  What this means is that the Custom Service you create can be made to be publicly available through your online access or made private, so that it can remain active, yet only available through the Call Screen.  This is a super cool feature that allows you to build a service that you want to be able to have access to administratively, but not give your customer access to through your online options.  Although this feature isn’t available just yet for your standard services, this functionality will be added shortly.

To build a custom service do the following:

  • Go to Settings, Services and click on the blue “ADD NEW CUSTOM SERVICE” button in the upper right hand corner
  • Under “Service Nickname” name the service anything you wish
  • In the “Description” area feel free to give a brief description of the service (This is not Required)
  • Click on the box that reads “Visibility”
  • Choose whether you want this service to be “Public”, meaning it is accessible to your online customers, or choose “Private”, meaning that this service will only be available administratively through the Call Screen
  • Notice the blue toggle that is labeled as “Active”.  The module will be active by default, but if you don’t want this module to be active just yet, feel free to click the toggle, wherein it will turn to “Inactive”.  This is functionality you should be familiar with, as Active and Inactive options have always been available in your services.
  • Notice the “Allow for website bids for Residential and Commercial toggle options.  This is the same functionality that has always existed.  If you want this module to be able to be utilized for gathering specification from your website for Residential and Commercial applications, leave the toggle on “Allow”  If you want this module to default to a Bid in Person status immediately and not ask the customer any specification related question, click the toggle to turn that functionality off.
  • You will see Three default packages available, just as has always been available, you can add up to Five distinct packages for this new service and you can edit the name of the service by clicking the pencil icon next to the name.  To add or delete your package offerings, just click the three dots on the right side of the screen next to the Package names and add or delete packages accordingly by checking our unchecking them
  • Now you can use the box that says “Add Line Item” to add the features of this service in Line Item fashion. You can add as many line items as you wish, but remember to keep your presentation in mind.  A package that is too wordy, is unlikely to be read in it’s entirety and this could negatively impact the success of the module
  • Notice the Toggle that Reads “Flat Pricing”  If you wish to establish a Flat Rate for this service per package you can leave that toggle on and then insert your pricing under each respective package.  If you wish to price based off of a How Many or Square footage type specification, just click the “Flat Pricing” toggle to turn it off.
  • To add some specification pricing options, you can click the “Advanced” option.  If the “Advanced” option is utilized you will see two more toggles, one for “Square Feet” and another for “How Many”.  These are the only two specification type questions that can be added to Custom Service.  If you toggle either one of those option on, you will be presented pricing options accordingly.  You can only add one Square Footage specification option, but you can add as many “How Many” type questions as you wish by clicking on the “Add Condition” option presented on the screen.  To add the How Many title, just click on the work “Title and edit accordingly.
  • Once your Advanced options have been built you can then price them accordingly by using the pricing section presented.  Keep in mind, when setting your pricing, when it comes to Square Feet, you can click the Green side bar of each price box to choose whether you want that pricing factor to be an Upcharge,  Discount, Bid in Person or Ignore factor.  When it comes to How Many type questions, you simply need to input the cost per quantity for the line item being entered
  • If you wish to create an automatic upsell for this new service, under the “UPSELL THIS SERVICE?” option, just choose one of the three options presented, Price, Specification or None.  None is selected by default, meaning you don’t want to upsell this service.  If you wish to upsell by a flat price, select PRICE and then input your flat rate pricing accordingly.  If you wish to upsell based on Specification, click SPECIFICATION and then input your assumed pricing accordingly.  To learn more about how the upsell feature works, click HERE
  • The Suffix builder works just like it always has.  If you wish to learn more about the Suffix Builder, click HERE
  • The Volume Discounts option only works if you have at least one “How Many” type question added to this service.  If you wish to add a volume discount, just click that option and you will then see a new option called “ENABLE UNTITLED CONDITION”.  Now click on that option and you will see a green “ADD DISCOUNT” box presented, go ahead and click that as well.  Now, you  can establish either  dollar amount our percentage discount based on quantity.  You can even add different discounts for different quantities by adding discount options by click the “ADD DISCOUNT” option again.  You can repeat this process to add as many volume discount levels you wish.
  • In the Disclaimers section, you have two sections, “Bid Disclaimer” and Bid in Person Disclaimer”.  For this section, if you wish to add a specific disclaimer for this service please enter accordingly.
  • Now there is a toggle that reads “Collapse disclaimer accordion by default”  If you entered a disclaimer, but you don’t want it to present by default, just click this toggle and the disclaimers will be hidden, but your customers can open and view them by clicking an option to do so on their proposal
  • Lastly, there is a toggle for “Enable Package Sales Video”.  If you wish to embed a YouTube  or Vimeo video to this new service, just click that toggle and embed your video link.  To learn more about video embedding, click HERE