By clicking a customer’s name on the dashboard or from a search, you enter their Customer Profile. Once inside the Customer Profile, if you scroll down, you will see an accordion labelled “Follow Up Status.” Click on it to open it, and you’ll see the archive of emails that have been sent to the customer, as well as the emails that are pending or disabled.


NOTE: the emails displayed here are for the Customer’s current Status. If you adjust the status (higher up the customer profile, on the right side of the screen) you will see a new set of emails in the “Follow Up Status” area become active and the previous email follow-up will be stopped.

In this area you can easily see the current status of the customer, and the progress of the related email sequence.

You can easily edit specific emails you don’t want sent to a customer, for any reason. There are a few ways to modify the email follow-up email sequence:

  • Stop the entire sequence, by clicking the red “Stop Follow Up” button
  • Stop a specific email from going out by clicking on that specific email’s status, prior to it being sent, and then within the Lightbox that pops up, clicking the “Stop Step” button
  • Edit or add to the wording of a specific email (for example, you want to mention something in the email that you discussed with the customer on the phone). Like above, click the specific email’s status, prior to it being sent, and then edit the text however you’d like. Click the “Save Changes” button, and you’re all set.


If you stop an entire sequence, a dialog box will pop up, asking if you’re sure you want to do this. You can always resume the sequence again, if you would like.

If you start a sequence like “scheduled”, you will have the ability to send emails that would go out a few days before th scheduled appointment. Depending on how those emails are scheduled to send and how soon the job is scheduled for, it is possible that an email could be scheduled for a date in the past, which will trigger an invalid date. This is not an error, it is expected behavior. Example: If a job gets scheduled over the phone today that will take place tomorrow, but your scheduled sequence is set to send an email 3 days before, that email would be scheduled to send 2 days ago and therefore it will show up as an invalid date. This is normal.

At the bottom of each of your follow-up emails there is a link to “opt-out”. This is a mandated link by the CAN SPAM ACT and it allows people who are receiving automated emails to stop receiving emails. If a customer clicks the link at the bottom of any of your follow-up emails ResponsiBid will automatically do 2 things.

  1. They will be labeled as an opted out email address. You can confirm that they have opted out by clicking on their email address in the customer profile and see a red envelope. This means that they are opted out.
  2. Any future scheduled emails will show up as “opt-out” where the email schedule would normally show.