If you are using Twilio for sending SMS messages, you may have received an email regarding the need to register your Twilio Campaigns. This process applies to any Twilio user that is sending fewer than 3000 messages per day and use 5 or fewer phone numbers.  By registering your campaigns you will avoid the new upcoming mandatory fees

Although the letter sent by Twilio does explain how to complete this process, we wanted to be as helpful as possible and submit to you our own instructions.

Please follow the steps below and/or watch the accompanying video  to complete this required campaign registration process;

  • (Note) You can only register your campaigns if you have a Tax ID number.  If you do not have a tax ID, hold off on registering. Twilio will introduce a new form of Sole Proprietor Brand soon. specifically for the U.S. and Canadian entities without tax ID’s.
  • If you have a tax ID, please click HERE to get started
  • After logging in, Click on the Blue Button that says Begin Registration of Twilio’s Trust Hub
  • After you have completed the Registration of Twilio’s Trust Hub,  on your Trust Hub console screen, please click the “Account” option in the upper right hand corner
  • From the drop down menu under the Account section, click on  “Overview”
  • Now on that screen, from the left side of the screen under Trust Hub, click “Overview”
  • Now look for and click on the button that reads “Go to A2P Messaging”
  • On this screen, from the left side column look for “Regulatory Compliance”
  • Under Regulatory Compliance click on “A2P 10DLC Overview”
  • Now click the blue button that reads “Register additional Campaigns”
  • You will now want to complete the options for Create Customer Profile and  Register Brand.  Under Campaign Registration and Campaign Information, click the drop down section under Campaign Use Case and select the most appropriate category for you.  As an example, as shown in the video, when registering our campaign, we used the category of Customer Care, since that is what our campaigns are being used for, you can select the category that best describes how you are using the campaigns.

Ideas for text entry into your campaign examples

  • Under Campaign Description on that same page, you need to enter in the purpose of using text messages within ResponsiBid.
    • An example might be: “Allow customer notifications and communication for the proposals that they asked for”.  Feel free to copy and paste that same definition into yours.
  • As you scroll down to the next step in the process, they will ask for some sample messages, these are the sample messages we input.  you can copy and paste the 1st text message your follow-up builder might send in the sequences you have built for your customer journey in ResponsiBid (probably from the open sequence in your follow-up builder)
    • An example for Sample Message #1: “Thanks for getting a quote!  Please check your email to see more information about the proposal we have sent. To opt out of text messages you can always reply STOP”
    • An example for Sample Message #2: “We look forward to seeing you today for your appointment scheduled for (time of arrival)”
    • An example for Sample Message #3: “Thank you for having us out today to service your property. Please let us know how we did! Simply reply to this message to let me know if we met your expectations. If you’d to stop receiving messages reply STOP”
    • Ideally you will be able to use your own follow-up from your own follow-up builder as examples, but be sure to include several that show the opt out language at the end.
  • Under Message Contents you will probably want to place a check mark next to both the options in that section.
  • The next question asks, How do end-users consent to receive messages?
    • Here’s an example of what you could enter here: “When they ask for a quote through our online form, they select if they would like to receive SMS notifications and communication. Here’s a screenshot of how they give permission for SMS messages: https://responsibid-library.s3.amazonaws.com/Opt-in-SMS.jpg  You can visit our webform by going to this webpage. {{Your website page URL where you have ResponsiBid installed}}”
    • Again, feel free to use that same message or your own. The more you can SHOW them with links or image links the better they can confirm the opt-in language.
  • The next questions of Opt-in Keywords and Opt-in Message, were not required fields, so we left them blank, you can leave them blank as well if you wish.
  • At the bottom of this section there are a couple of radio buttons.  You will want to select the option of “Create new Messaging Service”
  • Now click Register Campaign

If you wish to view the Help Document Twilio created for this process, you can click HERE.

If you successfully complete the registration process as described above, you will be accepted and you will be all done with the registration process.