When you’re done testing and you’re ready to put ResponsiBid out where your customers can access it, the lightbox is a nice way to install a button on every page that takes up very little space, but allows an actionable way for your customer to begin the quoting process.

The “Standard install” will be the easiest way to do it (as long as your website builder will allow you to paste in Javascript). The button will look just like this:

And you can paste in the simple line of code found in Settings > Installation under the “Lightbox Installation” accordion and if you choose “Standard Install” from the dropdown menu.

Don’t worry if the mouse has a “no symbol” over it. That just means that you can’t edit the text. But rest assured that you can still highlight it with your mouse and copy it so that it can be pasted into your website’s “code view”.

If you plan to send this code to your webmaster, consider that Javascript might not email as cleanly as you hope. There are 2 things you can do about that:

  1. You could put the code in a notepad file to save as .txt and then send it as an attachment.
  2. Or you could create a login for your webmaster to go directly into ResponsiBid and copy the code themselves.