Here’s what you need to know to use the QDS connection to ResponsiBid:

  • Make sure you have some sort of calendars connected to ResponsiBid
  • Turn on the connection in ResponsiBid’s connection area
  • Attach your QDS employees to the available calendars in ResponsiBid
  • In the follow-up builder – put a survey step in your Scheduled status (be sure to set the timer and choose one of your QDS templates
  • Make sure the step is active and saved in the follow-up builder
  • You’re all set! Your surveys will all start out according to the rules that you have setup in QDS.
  • Schedule jobs in ResponsiBid as you normally would. The crew you choose will automatically use that information to determine who the surveys will be sent for when the survey does go out.
  • Check out your surveys in QDS, they went out all on their own!