(Settings > Services – Step 1 of any service module – all ResponsiBid accounts)

  1. Sell your packages, Compare and contrast your packages, Help underscore the value of each package


2. If you don’t offer different packages, explain what happens during this service and, what the customer can expect when you are on site, what they can do to get ready beforehand etc

Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show as the customer is reviewing the packages for each specific service offering in your proposal:

Sample Template:

I see you got a quote for [SERVICE NAME]! That’s great. This is one of our signature services. As you can see in the packages below, we actually offer several options. Our most popular service is the deluxe package because it offers a very high level of clean… in fact you’ll notice that we actually offer [SPECIAL FEATURE] as part of the deluxe package… something that no other company in the area offers. Our basic package is a great value too, because we offer a pretty economy level of cleaning, but our techs tend to go above and beyond what you’d expect since they are total perfectionists. The premium level of clean is really geared toward our customers who are just as concerned with total cleanliness as we are. In the premium package we [CRAZY AWESOME FEATURE(S)]. Of course the premium package tends to be a bit more expensive, but it really showcases what we are capable of, and why our company has the highest reviews on all of the local review sites. Please feel free to click the checkmark below the package that best suits the level of clean you are looking for, and once you are ready to have us call you to setup a time, you can click the blue button at the bottom of this proposal that says “I’m ready to schedule” and we’ll give you a call to finalize your preferred times of service.



WHY: The option to use this video feature is included inside of each module you setup for your company. You’ll see that in step 1 of the module customization sequence next to where you setup each of the value propositions listed below. Determine if you want this video to show before or after the packages and pricing. You will have the option to turn on this feature and place in your own video. It’s a powerful way to be right in front of your customer to give your perfect sales pitch right when they are deciding which of your services they are going to go with. It’s as if you can sell to your customer face to face, whenever they are most interested in making a decision about what to get done. Or— if they are reviewing your proposal with a spouse or co-worker, you will even have a chance to have that discussion with other decision makers that may not have been available when the original quote was presented.

 personalize the proposal in any situation— but especially when you have automated the process to the degree that ResponsiBid allows. You can now be this personal with your customers when giving bids over the phone, from your technicians out in the field, or even right from your website.