Creating a Bid

Using the Actual Square Footage Option

If you’d like customers or yourself to have the option to enter in the exact square footage of building sizes, you can turn that feature on, but there are several places you’ll need to go to get it fully working: 1. You’ll need to first enable the functionality in your form builder You can enable […]

How to make house size, stories, or basement required or not

In this video we demonstrate how to give a quote but not necessarily have to enter in certain pieces of information regarding the structure if the quote doesn’t need it to calculate the bid. Keep in mind that even though the video doesn’t cover this… the call screen is ALWAYS set to always ask for […]

Show and Hide Specs in a Customer Profile

Learn how the toggle in the customer profile will help you to condense the specs and hide all specs that are either zeroed out or, in other cases are set to no instead of yes. You can toggle this back and forth, and each time you toggle the switch, ResponsiBid will remember what you used […]

Override measurements with a sqft override

If you’ve ever wished that you could override the measurements as the admin to just put in a number of square feet, this can be done in the customer profile. Simply find a measurement that you’d like to override and locate the calculator icon like this: When you click the calculator you can toggle over […]

Step 4 of setting up a service module

Step 4: Finalizing the proposal: Step 4 is where you will setup the overarching details of how the proposals will be presented. In step 4 we will be setting up: If the area minimum should be set If the house size minimum should be set If a trip charge should be added to each quote If […]

Step 3 of setting up a service module

Step 3: Setting up your pricing: Step 3 is geared 100% for setting up pricing for ResponsiBid to use to calculate the price of a quote. The customer will NEVER see this, and once you understand how it all works, it’s really easy to use. The first thing you need to understand is Base Price vs […]

Step 2 of setting up a service module

Step 2: Disabling & enabling questions: By default there will always be questions that a customer will be asked in order to give the information necessary to get a quote. These questions are important to check the wording, spelling, and other hints to make sure that your demographic in your service area is able to understand […]

What is a Legacy Migration Adjustment?

Any bid before 4/22/2016 could possibly have been done using the old service module format. We began converting “legacy bids” into the new, simpler format beginning on 4/22/16. The process our migration used was: Convert your packages, pricing, disclaimers & customized wording from the old setup process to the new module style. Recalculate each of […]