Forwarding voice calls to your Twilio SMS number

This is the new way to forward voice calls using the Twilio <-> ResponsiBid connection. Use this to setup a function for a TwiML response to forward the call. Code to copy: <Response><Dial>+1##########</Dial></Response>  

Using the 2-way SMS and texting features

In this video you will see: How the messages show up in the feed. What happens if someone calls your SMS number (FORWARDING Now must follow this method in Twilio). How to send messages & why you have to select the “to” number. How you can send picture messages (MMS) How notifications will go to […]

Quality Driven Connection to ResponsiBid

Here’s what you need to know to use the QDS connection to ResponsiBid: Make sure you have some sort of calendars connected to ResponsiBid Turn on the connection in ResponsiBid’s connection area Attach your QDS employees to the available calendars in ResponsiBid In the follow-up builder – put a survey step in your Scheduled status […]

Scheduling a job in ResponsiBid

In this video we will discuss setting your time defaults, inputting the required information for scheduling, and how to go about letting your customer know what time you will arrive for a job.

Setting up your email servers (Gmail Integration)

NOTE: As of 2014, emails sent to AOL or Yahoo are more than likely being blocked if they are sent on your behalf. This is how ResponsiBid sends emails by default. By following this guide to use your own email servers you will be far more likely to be able to deliver to this addresses […]

Create new statuses

Creating custom statuses for your business and your specific needs is easy. Go to Settings > Follow-up Builder Click the green tab with a “+” to create a custom status. Once you do that, you can click the edit icon next to the newly created status. When you do, you’ll see the following things to edit: […]

Setting up your email templates

You have full control over your automated emails. You can adjust the timing of when they are sent, the email address they are sent from, their subject line, and the content of the emails themselves. Go to Settings > Follow-up Builder Enable the emails within the statuses that make the most sense to you. Edit […]