If someone calls in and wants to get right to prices without giving you their personal information, ResponsiBid will allow you do do it at your discretion using the Call Screen.

Note: For ResponsiBid to give a quote, there will still be required fields. Just much less, but remember that ResponsiBid will still need to know everything except identifying information about the person in order to get the proposal built.


Once you have the information you need to give a quote, you can click the orange “Get Anonymous Bid!” button.

The generated proposal will call the person “Anonymous” but if the person wants to move forward you can just click the button in the top accordion bar that says “Customer Profile”.


By doing that you will be able to edit the name information, add email addresses, let ResponsiBid know if you schedule, or click the “Edit in Call Screen” button to enter lots more information!

You will also see the name “Anonymous” in the dashboard under recent bids until you change the information.