This video walks you through the process of setting up your CrewCal integration with ResponsiBid.


  • Turning on the connection
  • Importance of having a connection to your scheduling software turned on (CrewCal reads your schedule, your connection to the software is what writes to the schedule)
  • Understanding your CrewCal settings
    • Each “crew” comes in from whatever connection you are tied to (Google Calendar, Jobber, etc)
    • Naming your crew
    • Setting up your iCal link (MUST be private address link!)
    • Setting your time/distance preferences
    • Setting the “home location” of the crew
    • Setting up shifts
    • Tying employees to crews
    • Customizing the page that shows if you don’t have any time slots available
  • Scheduling a job
    • Understanding the “location pin color”
    • Understanding the “capacity indicator color”
    • Understanding the list view, the 4 week view, and the day view
  • Real-time scheduling for a customer
    • Only spots represented by a “green pin” and a “green capacity indicator” will be available to your customers to pick from.
    • Notification email that comes when a customer schedules from the proposal