Adding a custom item

From within the customer profile you can either click on the “Add service button” and get the menu to allow you to select custom items like this:


Or you can click on the “Edit in Call Screen” button and then choose the “custom items” check box under the “select services” accordion.


How to create a new item:

Once you have the Custom Items module opened up, you can choose from any options that you have created in the past (and even the values from the last time you used it) or you can just start typing in a new item and create it on the fly. Once you create the new item it will be available as an option to choose in the future.

You can select the option that allows you to put it in the proposal as an “Individual Item” meaning that you will only be offering one level of that service, or you can choose “Package Item” which will allow you to offer up to 3 options or service levels.


Note: If you create a custom item inside of a customer profile and then the customer profile is deleted (and no other customers exist with that custom item), the custom item will not exist in your previous items any more. Be careful not to create items in a fake customer for future use and then delete that fake customer if the custom items have not been used anywhere else at that point.