Curt shares the logic behind all of the meaning and plans to incorporate deeper abilities for using the following methods in ResponsiBid:

0:25 Curt talks about the discounts vs value reasons that ResponsiBid doesn’t currently show “slashed pricing” in packages. Then he apologizes. Then he explains how the focus in the future will be to make this possible.

2:11 Curt talks about promo codes and why he will never allow traditional promo codes into the ResponsiBid selling system. Then he doesn’t apologize… but he does explain why the way ResponsiBid will work in the future will be way smarter, better, and nicer.

4:19 Curt explains how in the future ResponsiBid will allow you to manually or automatically make certain packages group themselves together across services to sell bundles for much higher ticket prices, but wit your own discount program.

By the end of this video you should understand what to expect from a future iteration of ResponsiBid that will make all of this possible and what work we have ahead of us to make this beautiful and seamless for you and your customers!