In the top, left box you will find the customer information such as name, address, and other general information. To edit the information, simply click any of the items with a blue dashed line under it and a pop-up will come up allowing you to edit that field.

Special popups:

  1. Email address- when you get to the popup of the email address you will see a red or green envelope (if there is an email address entered). A green email means that the email address is ok to send emails to. ResponsiBid will be able to send follow-up emails to that address just fine. If the envelope icon is red, that means that they either explicitly opted out in the initial bid (which cane verified in the “services requested” box) or they opted out of an email sent by ResponsiBid on your behalf. If you want to toggle someone’s opt-in or out status, just click the envelope and it will change it.
  2. Service area/ City, state- This menu has a dropdown of the cities that you have entered in the form builder. You cannot add cities here. You must do that at Settings > Form builder. If you imported a contact without a service area it will say “No Service Area”.

Remember that if you change the number of stories, Building size, or if there is a basement, ResponsiBid will automatically recalculate the bid in order to make sure that the bid is run according to the specs that could have affected the prices.

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