f you are trying to change the terminology with something in the smart form or lightbox or proposal, you are probably just needing to access the edit labels area.

To do this, go to the sidebar of your admin area and click “Use Smart Form”. The accordion bar above the smart form has a button on the upper right that says “Edit Labels”. When you click it, the page is reloaded in a way that will functionally look like a regular smart form, but you will see that as you use it to access different areas of the form, most things have a blue dashed line below them.editproposallabels

Just like anywhere else in ResponsiBid, deluxe and premium users can rename anything that has a blue dashed line under it. They are called labels and you can call them whatever you want. Just remember that changing a label item will not change it’s meaning to ResponsiBid, just what it calls it. So if you rename the label for “Window Cleaning” to “Carpet Cleaning” it will still be window cleaning to ResponsiBid. However, you might want to rename it to “Window Washing” and that would work just fine. If you put content in the description area of a label it will create a “?” tool tip for people to hover over to learn more.

If you’d like to edit items in the proposal, simply go into a customer profile, click on the bid date to access the proposal and then notice a similar “Edit Labels” button at the top of the accordion. You will be able to edit things in there including the text of the call to action button.