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This is determined every time a bid is run from your website or submitted through the call screen. If you have this feature turned on (Settings > Follow-up Builder – Bottom of the page) you and the customer will be prompted before submitting any bid through the website or call screen to answer if it’s ok to be contacted via email. This is a proactive way to make sure that you know which customers definitely want you to be sending automated emails.

“Would it be okay for us to correspond with you via email? (You must select one.)” This is especially important for Canadians as of now to make sure that you are complying with automated email and SMS sending laws.

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If you’d like to manually change a customer’s explicit opt-in/out status, click on the blue “edit in call screen” button and then submit the bid, you will be able to say yes or no and make the change that will reveal in the customer profile.