Collecting General Data

This is where you tell ResponsiBid what information you want to make available for the customer to enter. You can also require some information. Note: You cannot require a piece of information that you are not requesting. If you save it, it will look like it saved that way, but when you refresh the page you’ll see that it didn’t save.

You can use the label builder to make sure that the items are named as you would like, but remember that like any time you switch the name or description of a label, ResponsiBid is still going to use it for the purposes of the original title. Example: if you change email address to be “pet’s name” ResponsiBid will still store it as an email address and validate the field to make sure it follows email address conventions.


Ninja tip: If you have a premium account you can check the box at the bottom to make sure that the general contact information area is moved to the end of the bid collection process which could really help your click-though rate.