Welcome to ResponsiBid, you’re now a ResponsiBidder!

You will want to make sure that you get ResponsiBid setup correctly so that you and your staff can confidently give quotes using this proven and successful system. This guide will help you use all of the software in your workflow so that you won’t have to feel like you are only using a percentage of it’s abilities.

Once you have confidence giving bids with ResponsiBid, you can start allowing your customers to access it on your website, allow answering services to use it instead of just taking messages, and even directing customers in your company’s voicemail message to your website saying something like “Feel free to leave a message, and remember you can give yourself a quote right on our website using the same simple tool that our technicians use out in the field!” How cool is that?!

The ResponsiBid system is pretty simple:

Setup your company specifics
Build out the value propositions you want to put in front of your customers in the proposals
Tell ResponsiBid how you want prices to be determined
Tell ResponsiBid what you want to know from your customers
Tell ResponsiBid how you want to follow-up with your customers
Sit back and watch the data come in- and your close rate go up- and your average ticket prices rise.
The following guide is intended to be REALLY comprehensive. We don’t do that to overwhelm you. In fact, we don’t even recommend you read everything. You read that right… we actually hope you DON’T read this whole thing. But feel confident that it’s here for you to use. We wanted to make it so that anything you search for will allow you to find what you need to keep it rocking and rolling.

If you run into any questions try looking for the answer here in the guide and if you can’t find it, jump on down to the help area and pick your favorite way to get it sorted out.

Most importantly… Have fun!