ResponsiBid is a really neat system because when you make one change it can keep a lot of stuff up to date because of it’s cloud-based nature.

However, we believe there are some things the ResponsiBid should not automatically update for you. So here is a breakdown of what happens when you change your prices:

  1. Once you update your prices in Settings >Services ResponsiBid will make sure that every bid that gets run from that point on (no need to make any changes to your website) will get the new pricing.
  2. All of your existing bids will not be updated to the new pricing… unless you re-save a bid. Be careful here because you will see that changing the number of stories, house (or building size), of if there is a basement will trigger a re-save (and therefore a re-run) of the bid. Of course clicking “save” at the bottom of any bid will also re-run a new bid.
  3. Opening a bid up and then clicking the “get a bid” button in the call-screen will also trigger a re-bid, so that will also cause the pricing to change.
  4. Changing the status of a customer will not re-save/re-run a bid, so their pricing will be preserved even if you have changed prices since the last recalculation of the quote.

Remember that the links in follow-up emails will always show the customer the most recent bid, so that way once you update someone’s bid they will not have an old .pdf attachment to continue giving them incorrect pricing.

If you want to test this, simply run a bid, then go into the pricing options and change prices. You can go look at the bid to see that the prices remain the same. Then when you click the “save” button for one of the pricing areas (or change any of the criteria cautioned about in item #2) you will see that a recalculation is triggered. Then you can go back into the pricing options and change the pricing back and do a similar test to reset the price back to the original prices in the original bid.