In this video we show you the settings and things to pay attention to in your modules if you’d like to allow for commercial quotes to be allowed to be given via your website.

ResponsiBid will allow you to set modules up so that you can limit quotes from being given to either residential customers and/or commercial customers from your website. In this video you will see:

  1. How you are able to turn the feature on or off from within step 1 of the module editor.
  2. How you will need to pay attention to pricing out anything relating to building size or height in step 3.
  3. What the user experience from your website would be like if you turn website bidding off for a customer type.

What the video doesn’t cover, but you might want to know:

  1. If the bidding style is turned off for commercial/residential, you can still give that bid directly in the call screen by¬†having access to the “bid type” bar.
  2. You can override any bid that comes in from your website using that same bar within the customer profile. So if a commercial bid comes in, that you opted for ResponsiBid to not allow to proceed from the website, you will have the option to either directly enter in pricing, or specifications about the job from within the customer profile as an administrator or sub user.

Happy ResponsiBidding!