If you were using the “Rough Window Cleaning” module before we moved to the new system everything moved over great… except one thing.

In the old system:


You told ResponsiBid how many sunscreens (Many people customized this to be other things) to count on each building size by default… assuming that there are sunscreens on 100% of the windows. This was not compatible with the way that we moved it over to the new system and so we had to change it to this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.15.44 PM

By default you’ll see that all of your pricing going forward will essentially add a percentage of the base price back to the job based on the percentage of screens. We know that might not be what you intended, but we had to start somewhere.

KEEP IN MIND: We already fixed all of your old bids with a “Legacy migration” adjustment as necessary to keep the bid in alignment with what the bid was before the migration. So you have nothing to worry about with your past bids.

For future bids you might say that you want to use a different percentage. Or maybe you want to change it to a flat dollar amount. Whatever works best for you… it can be done now. We just can’t assume a set number of sunscreens per house size any more… it was one of the more confusing parts of that bidding system and we had to let it go.

If you don’t like the defaults be sure to edit them as soon as you have a chance and that’s the only thing you’ll really need to mess with.