Why they really can’t get a quote anything like yours from another company because of the VALUE that you offer.

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  1. You can increase your average ticket prices by using packages. Converting your estimates from “price based” proposals to “value based” proposals will increase your average ticket, but it will also provide you with the ammo you need to upsell your additional services.
  2. Prequalify your leads to make the most of your time and your customer’s time. When your leads make micro-commitments through your bidding process they are less likely to jump over to a competitor’s website to request a bid. Walking them through the sales process with this new age technology guarantees a more engaged lead.  Each service module comes complete with the exact questions you need answered (customizable) to provide an accurate quote instantly.
  3. Package based pricing gives you the flexibility to have staggered pricing. This is a super ninja trick when competing in the market. When you can steer your customer from the bottom line and get them to  begin looking at the value for their dollar your best customers will thank you.

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