Close The Deal By Getting A Potential Client On The Schedule In The Most Efficient Spot Possible.

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  1. Enable Intelligent Scheduling: To set this up go into Settings > Crew Cal and then you can connect your calendars and teach ResponsiBid how fast each crew works, what services they offer, what you view as the most acceptable drive times from job to job, where the team begins and ends each day, and finally what shift schedule’s they work.
  2. Manage Your Crews: The CrewCal algorithm will perform around 10,000 calculations before scheduling so that your staff will be able to see which scheduling opportunities are best. If you decide to let web visitors that get instant quotes to schedule themselves, they will receive the most efficient time options to pick from, and CrewCal will let them select the times that you would choose if you were the one scheduling them.
  3. Setup Shifts: CrewCal allows you to have as many shifts as you want and if they overlap… CrewCal is ok with that, but at the end of the day, it’s what creates the canvas for job placement.
  4. Route Efficiency: It’s the most intelligent scheduling software of it’s kind, and as such, there is a bit to know and to teach it…
    The result is an automated system that can help you leverage more time for cash, even if your office staff isn’t familiar with your crews or area of service. We hope you love this functionality and if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to chat with us!

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