Orchestrate Perfect Follow-Up In Any Way You Want So That You Never Lose A Prospect Or Repeat Customer Due To Lack Of Communication.

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  1. Design Custom Drip Campaigns: Build out your follow-up for any scenario you can imagine. ResponsiBid gives you the ability to use pre-made follow-up templates but also gives you the ability to create custom follow-up campaigns.Customers will stay organized, and you will know which customer is in which purchasing cycle.Create and customize the perfect follow-up with emails or an SMS message regimen for each customer who goes into a given status!
  2. Personalize Each “Touch”: Once you connect to some of our other partners, your follow-up could include postcards, voicemails, real phone call’s, survey’s, review’s, and even postcard’s to the neighbors of your client’s or prospects! In a world of service providers who are so bad at communication, you are going to stand out as the most reliable company with a follow-up that is always so timely and perfect!
  3. Give You An Accurate Report: Get an idea of what is working and what isn’t with the reporting given on each of your customer’s sequences. Orchestrate perfect follow-up in any way you want so that you never lose a prospect or repeat customer due to lack of communication.

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