It’s here and it’s ready! Check out the video to see the following:

  • The new layout with a card view of each package
  • The new “additional information” area
  • The way to navigate the proposal in it’s 3 new areas: Quote, Confirm, Schedule
  • How a customer digitally signs their quote
  • How a customer can see public notes called the “Anything else we should know” heading
  • How to let a customer complete the bidding process in a specific “success” area
  • How to edit labels throughout the entire proposal system
  • How to add new documents in the “Additional Information” area
  • Sales videos are now folded away under a link that says by default: “Need help choosing? Click here.”

Not in the video:

  • Get another service quote is prominently a link above the packages that allows a customer to add new services to their quote.
  • If you have more packages than fit on the screen you can scroll or swipe side to side to see all of them.